Eldorado System

What is Eldorado –  a system to manage the execution in retail outlets

In the times of high employee turnover in retail, it is a must to provide retail employees with tools that will make it easy, even for unskilled workers, to implement retail standards and other requirements.


Eldorado is an easy-to-use system that facilitates implementation of PoS promotions, measuring the compliance level of retail standards, and even conducting micro-training or rapid eLearning for employees. The system works in the cloud, so its launch takes only a couple of days and does not require IT involvement.



Point of Sale (PoS) promotions

The Eldorado System allows efficient management of various promotions at the Point of Sale for retail networks. The headquarters request in the system the execution of a particular promotional campaign. As a result, the retail branches receive via the mobile application a clear information about tasks that are due on a given day. Shop employees confirm the completion of the task and document the quality with picture. The Headquarters and regional managers receive real time information about compliance level for individual promotion for all the stores in their network.

The headquarters orders a promotional campaign

The headquarters of the retail network requests that all or selected Points of Sale execute a promotion. They do it by entering a structured request into the Eldorado System. The requests might be for own promotions designed by the network or promotions agreed with the producer or distributor of a product. The requests entered into system describes the details of the promo including its look and feel, all necessary steps to prepare the promo as well as the timing of the promotion. In addition, when requesting a given promotion one can attach documents with detailed description of the required action and photos showing the perfectly executed promotion, i.e. the standard to which the store should aspire to.  

All promotions and tasks for the store in a single place

Retail outlets, in a single mobile application, see all the tasks that they are supposed to carry out. As all the requirements are available in one single place, store employees do not have to search through a vast archive of e-mails or messengers, and they know perfectly well what tasks are required of them.   The employee of the retail outlet performs the task, e.g. arranges promotional materials in accordance with the instructions from the headquarters, and then confirms the execution of the activity in the application. If required by head office, an employee prepares photographic documentation of a given promotion. The documentation is done using the mobile application, so the photos are automatically “indexed” to a given promotional campaign and a store.

Transparent information about the network compliance level

Thanks to the Eldorado system, the organization gains transparency and information in real time about the degree of implementation of individual promotions at each point of sale. The headquarters, as well as regional managers supervising retail outlets, can monitor the implementation of promotions in individual stores on an ongoing basis. Thanks to the attached photographs, they can quickly assess the quality and correct any mistakes.

Additionally, the system generates synthetic reports that allow an objective measurement of the compliance of promotion implementation in individual branches and regions. This information can be used as part of the incentive system and become one of the key performance indicators (KPIs) for retail outlets and regions.


The use of the Eldorado system makes it easier to settle accounts with external entities that finance a given promotional campaign. Thanks to the complete photo documentation, the partner financing the promotional campaign gains the confidence that the action was carried out in accordance with the contract.

Electronic checklist of standards, or Retail Audits module

Another element of the Eldorado system is the Retail Audit module. It allows measurement of the implementation of retail standards by individual branches. Based on the “Book of Retail Standards”, the network headquarters, prepare, in the Eldorado system, electronic checklists. Those checklists are then used regularly to measure individual outlets’ compliance.  

Przygotowanie cheklisty audytu detalicznego

The Headquarters analyze the “Book of Retail Standards” and define which elements should be checked and with what frequency. Then the elements are grouped in a logical way, so that the standards of the store can be assessed by going through the store only once. Then, the list is inserted into the Eldorado System, through an easy and intuitive interface. The System allows to specify the number of points for each question in the checklist, so that the questionnaire automatically determines the score of a given Point of Sale.  

Conducting a Retail Audit

A regional manager or other designated employee during a visit to a store logs into the Eldorado System on a mobile device (or computer) and conducts the survey by walking through the store and answering questions. After conducting the survey, she receives information about the score, which allows her to discuss the result with the store manager and employees.    

Analysis of retail audit results

The network HQs can track the results of audits at the level of individual store, regions and the entire network. Thanks to the aggregate results, problems of the entire network or individual regions can be easily identified. The “store by store” analysis allows to take a close look at the results of a given outlet together with detailed comments on deviations from the standards as well as review photos from a given store.  

Rapid eLearning

The Eldorado system also enables quick remote training. In the face of high staff turnover and lack of time for time consuming trainings, the Eldorado system fits well into the modern trend of so-called rapid eLearning. The network HQs prepare short 2-3 minute trainings (in the form of a presentation or a short film) complmented with a quick mini test (with 1 or 2 questions). Such trainings are carried out by store employees in their free time after logging into the Eldorado System. Thanks to this, a high frequency of training interaction can be achieved directly in the salesperson’s workplace, effectively using employees working time.

Who is the Eldorado system for?

The Eldorado system is dedicated to retail chains, which believe enforcing high retail standards is critical to business success.  Eldorado finds its use everywhere where the management of the network is guided by the “retail is detail” principle. Eldorado is suitable for both own and franchise networks. The system works well in networks that manage at least several points of sale, although thanks to any segmentation of outlets, it is also suitable for networks with several hundred retail outlets or even larger organizations. Thanks to its flexibility and simplicity, the Eldorado system can be adjusted to the needs of a given network. For example, the pharmacy chain uses Eldorado to manage PoS promotions in pharmacies, a large retailer manages the display in grocery stores, and the salad bar network uses Eldorado to control the quality of food presentation. The gym network uses a system to manage activities in its franchise network.