Retail is detail.  




But only details that get measured, get done!

Eldorado is PoS promotions management system for retail networks

Do you know what is the compliance level of your in-store promotions?

Are you sure that 100% of your stores have implemented your retail standards?

For our clients it is a “yes”!

Thanks to the Eldorado System they are able to effectively manage promotions thorough their sales network. They can plan actions and tasks and be sure that the store’s employees will do them.

They also run in-store retail audits on their tablets or phones and analyze results in real time.


Of stores do not carry out planned campaigns


Of total income comes from vendor allowances


Of buyer's decisions are made in the store

Increase the value of the Shopping Cart and customer satisfaction by training employees

Is every sales associate in your stores trained to the expert level?

Are they creating perfect experience for every customer?

Eldorado not only measures the retail store compliance level, it is also used as a rapid eLeraning tool for store associates.


Plan and execute short, 2 – 5 minute daily trainings for sales staff and build the perfect sales team.

Increase your revenue by effectively managing the promotions at the point of sale

Thanks to the Eldorado System you will be able to effectively manage promotions in your retail outlets. Control the quality by photos taken directly from the mobile application. Correct any discrepancy through tasks given to a specific store or employee.

Build perfect store and check retail standard compliance via digital checklists or retail audits